The dilemma of having to choose between wallpaper and wall paint for the interior walls is real. In the quest to find the best, we often go to great lengths, spending time researching, taking advice from the experts, and even window shopping at times. When so much effort is put into taking a decision we expect the outcome to be worth it. Having said that, here we will blog about a few things to consider before picking one of the two, wallpaper or wall paint.

Choosing a Wall Paint? -

                           We all know that wall paints have been the only solution for our homes for a really long time. The choices were not as varied as today but they served the purpose just perfectly. Need a fresh coat? Just call the local painter and get the job done. But with the evolving times, paints have become more versatile than ever! You don’t need to rely on just one shade of color to paint the entire house. You have some serious amount of variations and finishes available today, such as gloss, matte, sheen, satin, etc. Also, experts on wall painting have come up with amazing ideas to texturize the walls with paints, giving your interior home paint a new look.

Choosing a Wallpaper? -

                          Although wallpapers gained its popularity in western countries a long time back, it still is considered a luxury in India. However, with the current variants to choose from, the home interior wallpaper collection fits everyone’s needs these days. For interior design wallpapers are quite a thing among the urban population. There are thousands of designs, textures, and also material choices like vinyl, non-woven, paper-backed, and fabric, to choose from. They are available in rolls and the professionals make it look easy to stick them on your walls.


How durable are they? -

1. Wall paint -

                        Paints are easy to chip if you don’t choose them wisely for your rooms. When picking the type of interior home paint you have to consider the type of room you want to paint, the humidity level of the place, and also if you have kids in the house. For e.g. if you intend to paint the bathroom and kitchen, you might want to go with a satin finish to avoid any moisture damage. For kid’s room, you may want easily washable emulsion paints so that you can always clean the scribbles.

2. Wallpaper -

                          The modern wallpapers are actually durable and easy to maintain, like the vinyl ones that can be wiped clean. But wallpapers are mostly recommended in rooms that have less footfall and moisture. The dining area and bedrooms are apt, but you can also use them in your living room. 

Which one is cost-effective? -

                              What you need to know about the costs comparatively is that interior wall paint options are surely more cost-effective than interior design wallpapers. Interior wall paints can provide texture with minimal tools and still cost less, however, wallpapers need specific expertise to make sure not to ruin or waste the product. Also, wallpapers if not applied properly, can peel off easily which might double your budget later.

The process -

                           When it comes to application, interior home paints are time-consuming. Your walls need to be prepped with primer first and then it takes at least two coats for best color results. Also, if you opt for patterns and textures it may take more time. On the other hand, wallpaper is easy to apply provided the experience and equipment are available. It may take 12 – 24 hours, depending on the number of walls to cover.


                           Wallpaper or wall paint, at the end of the day, you need to choose what fits your requirement, budget, and maintenance ability. If you are clear about what you want for your home interior design, you can always take the help of an expert. A home interior designer will be able to fix your conundrums.

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