Interior wall painting is not only about paints and Colours. We all want a house where peace and calm resides. For most of us Indians, especially Hindus, Vastu makes a lot of difference even for wall paints. Yes, you read us right! Vastu Shastra is also considered for home interior and exterior paints. While the correct use of Vastu can bring positive energy and peace of mind, its defects are believed to cause negative effects in our lives.

The colours of your walls are quite significant as colours affect our moods and personality in psychological ways. Different colours stimulate different emotions in our mind. Having said that, not every colour gives the same effect everywhere. The colours exhibit their best result when they are on the appropriate walls. As per Vastu Shastra, wall colours are planned according to the direction of walls, purpose of the rooms, and also the owner’s date of birth.

Interior Wall Paint Colour -

  1. While choosing a wall paint, especially for your bedroom, find out what is your planet colour. According to Vastu, that colour will suit you.
  2. There is a significance of every colour in Vastu. For example, Red is for passion while orange is for warmth. White denotes purity and innocence, green signifies nature, blue stands for beauty, and the list goes on. Picking the right colour will impart the correct energy in the correct place.
  3. Wrong colours at wrong places should strictly be avoided. For example, wall painting for bedroom according to Vastu needs attention. Red colour in bedroom can cause temperament issues. Dark shades and black should often be avoided as they don’t usually suit people.
  4. Decide the colours of your tiles, floorings, doors and furnitures according to your wall paint colour. There should be a coordination between all these.

If you want to know more about the the direction rule for wall paint colours as per Vastu, read along:

  • North – Green, Pistachio green
  • South – Red, Yellow
  • East – White, Light blue
  • West – White, blue
  • North East – Light blue
  • North West – Light grey
  • South East – Pink, Orange
  • South West – Light brown, Peach

Below is the chart for wall paint colours for rooms as per Vastu:

  • Entrance – Soft colours like, white, silver, and wood colours
  • Living Room – Yellow, White, Light pastel shades
  • Kitchen –  Fire elements like Red, Orange, Lemon Yellow
  • Bedroom – Light colours for relaxation,  Light shades of pink
  • Pooja room – Yellow (but avoid dark colours by all means)
  • Kid’s room – White, Pink, Sea Green
  • Bathroom – White

Exteriors Wall Paint Colours -

While painting your interior walls may seem more important, referring to Vastu for exterior walls as well can be helpful. Vastu experts have suggested what colours we should choose for our exterior walls for harmony and balance in our lives. Here are a few Vastu Colours to ponder over:

  • Green – As the colour of nature, green represents new beginnings. Adding green to your exterior walls can help bring the nature’s energy for positivity to your home in abundance.
  • White – This colour speaks peace, unity, purity, and harmony. Painting your exterior walls white can bring all the above to you.
  • Yellow – Yellow brings warmth, just like the sun. Along with that, the colour represents patience, wisdom, and also cheerfulness. You can only imagine what such energy can do to your life.
  • Blue – One of the most common exterior wall paint colour is blue. As calm as it appears, the colour stands for peace, soothing energy, and optimism.
  • Brown – Brown is loved for its earthy colour. Light or dark, brown signified stability, elegance, and durability. A much needed energy for relationships and family.

Although not every one believes in Vastu Shastra and would mostly like to paint their home with the colour they like, incorporating a few ideas from the traditional system of architecture can really help in building a harmonious life, while balancing your mind and soul. There is no harm in that!

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