In Diwali, Remember the days when all we waited for the entire year was to see the lights and how beautiful our homes looked during Diwali?  Every single light that illuminated our house added that extra happiness to our lives. But from all the memories we have since childhood, little do we realize how much the prepping of the house made it all the more possible for that to happen.


Right from cleaning, decluttering, and arranging the house, painting walls too, is a part of Diwali. And there is a reason for it. If we are busy lighting up every corner of the house, what better way than a fresh coat of paint, too? The prepping of the walls before painting, also ensures that there is no fungus, dampness, or dust.


If you are wondering how does the entire painting process works, let us help you understand the basics, so you can plan well in advance.

Inspecting the House -

It is easy to feel tempted and start off with painting the house just about immediately, however, there is a process that can help make the paint last longer. Checking for mold growth, dampened areas, uneven surfaces, is quite important because taking care of those at the right time can give out a good end result. Also, you might as well find out areas that don’t need fresh painting at all!

Choosing Colours in Diwali -

One of the best parts of the process is choosing the right colour for your home. The wide range of shades might look daunting but if you know what colour vibes the most with the environment of your house, you’ll love it for the entire year and more. If you are unsure, you can always take the help of the experts and find the right colour to go with the personality of your house. P.S. Always ask for shade cards from different brands.

Choosing color
Prepping First -

Before the painting part, the walls are well-prepped to ensure smoothness on the surface. Any crack or patches can be avoided at this point by using wall putty and primer. Using these two can guarantee a long life of your paints and also looks beautiful. Another essential step to take care of is the right kind of base as it provides the walls with a coat that protects and creates a finish that is smoother than any water-based wall paint.

Wall Waterproofing -

This is one of the most important steps for houses that reside in humid areas or places that have heavy rainfall.  Getting your walls and ceiling waterproofed before and after wall painting, will ensure there are no seepage and roof leakage. If you are unsure of the waterproofing process and rates, you can always ask the experts and get the best quotes within your budget.

The Final Coat -

When all the above-mentioned is done, the final coat is what makes your painting complete. Prepping your walls before the final paint will make sense when the end result looks flawless and just how you imagined. It is okay for some people to choose the regular way of painting, however, for houses that have lived over a decade, are sure to need more maintenance than normal.



Diwali is indeed a festival, looked forward to by every Indian, for various reasons. One of them is the lights and of course family get together. Having a home just the way you imagine is a great add on to your list.

Nonetheless, let’s keep ourselves and our loved ones safe this Diwali by avoiding excess usage of crackers, and also by maintaining social distancing to reduce the chances of Covid.


Happy Diwali.

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