When we think of recent paint color trend in the year. 2021 has been an extreme covid year. We all know it, we all have experienced that. We have seen enough of confinement this year and if there is anything we want to experience the next year, it would be more of the tranquility and less of the dullness. Having said that, what is that one thing that will bring happiness to our lives and fill the void, 2021 is sure to leave behind? Perhaps, soothing spaces.

If you are looking at a fresh coat of paint to your existing walls on a new year, perhaps reading along might give you an idea of what all you can opt from. We are going to walk past the common palette and move towards earthy hues, airy neutrals, tones of blue, and a few more soothing shades that will strip down the bleakness from our houses.


More Natural

People have lived with the same colors inside the house and also just been sitting in front of the box to watch nature through it because of lockdown across countries. Next year, natural colors will add more vibrance to your rooms and also give comfort to your spaces with the earth tone. Does green ring a bell? Guess, that is what we need more.


Going Brown

While brown might sound like wood to you, believe us when we claim how much earthiness it can add to your walls, provided you choose the right shade of the color. Brown being a warmer color was not quite a thing as people opted for neutrals or darker paint colors in the past years. Beige and soft browns are making their way in once again this coming year. Where we indulged in different colors, brown will be the change for you.

Blue Feels

What shade of blue is your color? If you have only tried the lighter shades because you love them, it’s time you added some darks to your rooms. Having said that, we’d like to tell you that dark paint colors are not for the entire room, but they work best as accent walls to accentuate the tones of neutral spaces. However, in case you are not confident about darker shades you can always opt for lighter tones of blue for a cooler feel to the room.

paint color

The White

Irrespective of what the conservative thought for colors says, moving away from colors and choosing white for a change can add a new air of freshness. White wall-paints are extremely friendly with any kind of home decor. Add a few golden here and there and let the magic happen. You’ll turn your room into an elegant space that speaks class.


Orange Day

Let’s accept it, we never go beyond the regular palette for our home wall paints. And even if we do, orange is the last thing in our minds. But have you considered shades like mandarin, peach sorbet, summer citrus, and a fruity cocktail? Why? Well, why not! Orange in any tone adds a pop to the room. Basically, it gives your rooms a summer feel by all means.

The next year will bring new hope to the weary hearts, tired of the pandemic. And while there is no end to choosing the right trend from the list of wall paint colors for 2022, we would love to know what color best suits you?


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