Selecting wall Colours for your home is a challenge when you have a wide range of collections to choose from. And when you have finally won the battle, you think it’s all over! Well, let us break it to you. Choosing beautiful house painting Colours is not enough. You may have referred to those sophisticated color schemes to go with the entire house, but there is one more thing that affects their potential – Lighting. Also, sometimes it is difficult to decide with a few swatches, whether the Colours will complement the lighting in the house.

                       When we say lighting, we mean both natural and artificial lights. Factoring in the lighting condition of a particular room before choosing wall paint Colours may really come in handy. For instance, you would be surprised to know that objects do not have their own Colours but is perceived by us through whatever light reflects on them. So, under low light, the color won’t appear the same as in brighter light. Similarly, objects in black absorb the light and white reflects it all.

So, how does that affect my wall paint? -

                     Have you been in a situation where you couldn’t blame anyone else than yourself for having chosen a color that doesn’t appear the same on the wall as on the samples? If yes, look at the lighting condition of your room. Less natural light? Or perhaps, artificial yellow lights? That could probably be the reason. The source of light affects our perception of the color, hence, the difference.

Solution -

                        Pick a few custom-mixed samples of the colors you like and try swatches of those on your walls. That will help in looking at the paints in real-time and also live with them for a few days to decide which ones suits you better.

Moving forward, we will blog about a few tips and tricks to help you play around with the lightings and wall colors for a beautiful home as desired.

1. Natural Light -

                         As mentioned earlier, light affects the way Colours are perceived, therefore, considering the direction of natural light entering your room can do wonders. For instance, if the window of your room is on the Northside, the light entering your room will have a slight blue tinge to it resulting in darkening the darker shades and down casting the lighter ones. Contrary to it, the Southside window will let more exposure to the room resulting in a washed-out effect.

                         Westside light entrance will always diffuse an orange tint saturating the reds and oranges, whereas the East side widow or door will infuse subtle greenness to the walls, complimenting the yellows more. Playing with the samples swatches on the walls and letting them stay for a couple of days before the final decision is a great idea. This is also a good way of understanding how walls of the same room react to the color, as not all walls will have direct exposure to light.

                         When you try switching, notice the change you’ll perceive during different times of the day, including the sunset. That’ll help you choose either the lighter or darker shade of the same color.


2. Artificial Lighting -

                         The same theory applies to artificial lighting as well. If you are wondering why let us explain. Interior residential lighting comes as a combination of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Whichever light you currently have in your room or home will affect the way wall Colours will appear to you. For instance, incandescent lights have the warmth of amber or yellow and intensifies the house painting Colours like red, orange, yellow, and down casts greens and blues. Sampling the wall paint Colours will give you a fair idea.


If you are still in two minds about which colour best suits the lighting condition of your house, you can always take the expert’s advice and go with that. To know more about colors and how to pick the right one for the right room, check out our blog. Stay tuned until the next post.

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